Flexible Sales – Happy Customers

Sales is placed in the centre of the logistic chain of a company. Flexibility and fast reactions to changes in the market and customer requirements are crucial for your business success. Sell your products where your customers are – conventionally or on the internet – with e.bootis-ERPII you can quickly and reliable map all current and future distribution channels. The consistent data transparency provides an overview of all current running and dormant processes.

Maintain Sales Specific Business Processes Yourself

From customer enquiry and making an offer to delivery and invoicing of an order e.bootis-ERPII provides the complete integrated automation of your selling processes.

The individual customizing of order types offers maximum flexibility and gets you well prepared for new short-term challenges. You can edit value- or volume related blanket orders with individual delivery schedules as easy as orders from your online shop or other marketplaces. Futhermore, a sophisticated numbering system eases the separate evaluation.

ERP Software individuelle Unternehmensprozesse

  • Price lists on different levels, e.g. articles, customers, customer groups
  • Rebate assignments can be displayed multi-dimensionally
  • Combine any rebate- or surcharge types to find your ideal price


The price is not only a matter for your customer: Be it multilevel increases or reductions on base of quantities or values, or single- or overall items – with the intelligent pricing of e.bootis ERPII nothing is left to be desired.

Keep your Overview with Individual Sales Desktops

Imagine you are starting your ERP-system and there would be all relevant information about current sales processes at one glance. With the desktop editor that is part of the standard system you can flexibly compile data and transfer selected data sets into other applications.

The possibilities are unlimited. Overdue backorders show where production slows down or when a supplier postpones a delivery date. With the automatic monitoring of blanket orders you are receiving immediately a hint about occurring irregularities. Have an overview over your open quotes, shop orders, open claims or any other info that is of interest for you. That minimizes reaction times in sales!

ERP Software individuelle Vertriebsdesktops
ERP Software Auftragserfassung 5 letzte Artikel

Order Entry

The crucial point for sales: Orders! That’s why the order creation includes comprehensive customer information by default. This way cross selling activities can be pushed by showing automatically e.g. matching accessories for the selected customer article.

Be it the direct creation of orders from an offer or the manual quick entry: The e.bootis-ERPII suite offers various ways to process great quantities of orders in a minimum of time. Thanks to the Microsoft Excel support you can import your customer’s list orders into the system – within seconds and by a click on a button. Or you use directly the EDI interface to communicate completely automated with your business partner. In any case e.bootis-ERPII reduces your entry time significantly!

Nonlinear Units, Packaging Units and A-Quantities

In e.bootis-ERPII you can manage up to two nonlinear units apart from your standard article unit. So even if your procurement department calculates in tons, your sales department can sell per m² or piece. Completely automatically without any troublesome conversion!

Furthermore you can specify any number of packaging units yourself that are sold parallel to the selected article. Per at-quantity support the e.bootis-ERPII suite gives you an overview in which units articles are in stock.

ERP Software nicht lineare Einheiten und A Mengen
ERP Software GAEB Ausschreibungen und Schnittstelle

If GAEB Would Not Exist…

… the proposal preparation would be much more complicated. That’s why you can import tender items via GAEB interface directly into e.bootis-ERPII – without external converter! Of course the order output is in GAEB format, too, so that there are no issues with a smooth electronic dispatch.


The mega disaster: A customer wants to order but the article does not exist in the system. No panic! The e.bootis-ERPII suite can link any electronic supplier catalogue retrievable per separate data pool. Is the article found, it can be transferred directly into the order and will be automatically saved in the master data.

ERP Software Artikelsets

Article Sets

Do offer your customers attractive packages! Articles can be bundled to sets in any types and numbers. The pricing for this is done separately per set or per included article.

Sales Claims

Claims are inconvenient, especially for your customer. The e.bootis-ERPII suite supports the Return Material Authorization (RMA) process where the allocation of the return number happens already before the reclamation. That accelerates the return procedure for your customer significantly.

Claims can be handled in many ways. Does the customer need to return the goods or can he keep them? Does he receive a charge-free replacement delivery or rather a credit balance? So varied the ways, so versatile are the available process steps in e.bootis-ERPII.

Handy: A supplier claim can be created directly from the customer claim while all transactions are saved transparently in the document chain.

ERP Software Reklamationen
ERP Software Rabatte und Provisionen

Bonuses & Provisions

Incite your customers to increase the turnover! The e.bootis-ERPII suite saves individual bonus agreements on base of customers and customer groups that are continuously monitored during the sales process. That leads to a classical win-win situation: More turn over for yourself and lower prices for the customer!

You should not forget your own sales department of course. Staff and sales representatives can have also individual commission agreements assigned. Due to the integration into the standard software the commissions are settled automatically without time consuming calculations of the human resources department.

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