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Our Success Stories

We let our customers speak for themselves. Here you can find detailed Best-Cases and reference reports from various sectors with different focuses.

Technical Wholesale

Our focus is the technical trade. Our customers trust not only in our distinctive industry competence, but also in the extensive functional possibilities of our e. bootis-ERPII solution. In the video, the technical wholesaler explains how he was able to automate and thus accelerate his business processes with our ERP software.

From ERP system to catalogue & online shop

Thorsten Kott from Anton Klocke Antriebstechnik GmbH will tell you how to reduce the time and effort involved in preparing an offer by 90%. Especially the integrated online shop in combination with the unique catalogue system opened up new possibilities for the technical dealer.

Zum Referenzbericht

Electronics Wholesale

The distributor for electronic components Gudeco describes how e. bootis-ERPII has significantly increased the efficiency of the electronic distributor. Especially in the fast moving electronics industry, the possibility of flexible automation is crucial for success.

Mehr für Elektronikdistributoren

Production & Manufacturing

We also feel at home in the manufacturing industry. The mechanical engineer and producer Weiler Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH describes how the flexible evaluation possibilities of e. bootis-ERPII can be used to quickly generate reliable company information.

Kostenloses ERP-Whitepaper

Unser kostenloses ERP White Paper zeigt Ihnen 6 unübliche ERP-Auswahlfaktoren, die Sie neben technologischen Aspekten bei Ihrer ERP-Auswahl beachten sollten.

Einfach die Kontaktdaten eingeben, und Ihnen wird das Whitepaper direkt zugesendet.

Mehr ERP-Wissen

Wertvolle Infos & Tipps finden Sie auch in unserem Ratgeber:

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