Service as an Attitude

Customers want to be looked after and cared for. Let your competent service staff shine on–the-spot with their expertise! This way you are profiling your business as a reliable partner and reinforce the supplier-customer relationship. The e.bootis-ERPII suite helps you straightforward to organise your service to ensure an optimal support for systems, machines and components.

ERP Software Geräteakte

All Information in One Place: The Device File

The device file is the centre of the e.bootis-ERPII service module. It documents all relevant information about a product, e.g. service orders, location, maintenance contracts, etc. – including their history. Serial number- and batch tracing from installation to current stage enable you to reproduce all modifications of the system / the device over the time.

Additionally, multimedia objects like drawings, test protocols etc. can be assigned and reviewed. Furthermore there is the option to classify systems/machines in e.bootis-ERPII .

Innovative marketing strategy: Is a machine covered under a maintenance agreement, special prices for associated products and accessories can be set up in e.bootis-ERPII .

Protect your Customers with Maintenance Agreements

BOffer your customers a “care-free-package”: Regular or on-demand maintenance – the design of a maintenance agreement is individual. Even the size is adaptable: maintenance contracts can include products as consumables, but also cyclic services that will be suggested by the e.bootis-ERPII suite on schedule.

Thanks to data monitoring e.bootis-ERPII notifies you in time about expiring maintenance agreements so that you can proactively approach customers for contract extensions.

ERP Software Wartungsverträge
ERP Software Serviceaufträge

Simply Receive Service Orders

Per TAPI interface e.bootis-ERPII recognizes the calling customer and shows the service staff his plant or machinery. A click opens the service file from where you can create directly a service order. This is uniquely mapped to one customer and his plant or one device. All services provided are automatically transferred into the plant history, so that the product life cycle can be documented completely.

Saving Time with the Knowledge Database

Service staff can file problem cases and their suitable approaches per key word assignment in a knowledge database. If similar problems arise with other customers, service staff on site can find the solution without spending long time searching around. Knowledge-transfer at its best!

Furthermore, recurring problems can be analysed and used as a base for optimisation in your own production or for your supplier.

ERP Software Wissensdatenbank
ERP Software Visuelle Serviceplanung

Visual Scheduling of Service Technicians

Per drag & drop service technicians can be scheduled for upcoming service orders. Also spontaneous reactions on absences due to illnesses or a sudden increase of service orders are visually solvable without any problems.

Mobile Service

In times of smartphones and tablets field work has changed significantly. The service technician receives his assigned orders on his mobile device and can get shown his optimised route per GoogleMaps or MS MapPoint.

Arrived at the customer he has got all information about the business, the contact person, devices to be maintained and spare parts lists. Once the job has been done the client can sign electronically what triggers the automatic dispatch of the daily report to the e.bootis-ERPII Suite for further processing.

Any withdrawn spare parts are made available in the mobile service warehouse so that there are always up-to-date stock data available in the ERP-system.

ERP Software Mobiler Service


Generating a service process with…

  • Items that are invoiced or credited
  • Bookings technical stock
  • Problem-/solution descriptions
  • Technician operating times
  • Documentation of processing status

Device File with all information

  • Display with all assigned transactions
  • Location
  • Maintenance Settings
  • Objects
  • Classification

Knowledge database with problem solutions

  • Entering key words
  • Display “matching” service calls
  • Knowledge transfer within the company
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