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Produce Productively

Precondition for industry standards is a modern technological basis that allows already electronic interaction with all relevant business partners. Welcome at e.bootis-ERPII. We have understood that it is always about the same topics: Shorter delivery times and falling prices with a constant high level of quality. The winner is here who can optimise his production processes and drastically reduce his scrap rate.

Support for Different Manufacturing Typologies

e.bootis-ERPII Production supports various manufacturing typologies: from order related individual production to serial production as well as the combination of diverse typologies in a business.

Where the repetitive manufacturer requires a rolling production planning for assessing his resourcing needs, the plant engineer wants a cross-functional administration and control of his projects.

Optimising the Production

In order to realize the demand for increasingly shorter delivery times optimising the production is mandatory. The integration of contract manufacturers and the outsourcing of complete components poses new challenges to production logistics.


Product Configurator

With the product configurator you are generating a complete article with all master data with the help of basic articles, freely configurable features and corresponding formulas. Additional BOM and work plans are created for production parts.

The configurator can be used for creating master data, or directly in order processing for generating variants.

Transaction Types

Via transaction types you determine the processes for your production. The production order can be entered manually or automatically generated from demands.

You can select if you want to schedule finite or infinite capacities and for-run or lead time scheduling.

e.bootis ERPII Vorgangsarten Terminierung
e.bootis ERPII Plantafel Produktion

Graphical Planning Board

With the graphical planning board you can visualize and edit specific work steps of production orders with their scheduling and capacity planning.

It is a comfortable tool for displaying and fixation of changes of the utilisation situation of the production resources.


The feedback is either provided by individual steps as e.g. “partially completed”, “failure/outage”, “milestone” or a retrograde material withdrawal of corresponding parts.

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