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Open Around the Clock

There are no opening hours in the internet. Give your interested parties the option to become a customer whenever and wherever they like to. B2C or B2B-online shop: The e.bootis-ERPII suite offers you a cross-sector ecommerce-solution, that adjusts easily and flexible to your requirements.

PIM-System and Customer Account Management

The centralized data storage is also continued in the online shop. Gone are the times when you had to maintain article data in separate online modules. With e.bootis-ERPII you decide directly in the integrated PIM-system if the article is available and which information should be released online.

Speaking of releases: You can set up whether users can register for your online shop. If this is the case new customers are automatically set up in the ERP-system. Naturally this is working vice versa as well. A useful feature is the numerous storable shopping carts per customer with which he can repeat regular purchases with one click.

ebootis ERPII Onlineshop Speicherbare Warenkörbe
ebootis ERP B2B-Onlineshop B2C-Onlineshop

Do Not Restrict Your Sales Channels!

The decision how to organise your online shops is yours. Do you want to approach your end customer directly? The e.bootis-ERPII suite offers you all options to set up a B2C-Onlineshop. Or rather a B2B-Onlineshop with separate access? This is effortlessly possible, too! You can run any number of shops parallel without any complications with the data base.


Provide your customer with the information he wants. Not only that the online shop calls all data directly from ERP-System in real time, it also sends shop orders as fast to the e.bootis-ERPII suite. Thus rapid processing by your employees is given.

If desired the customer can receive detailed information, from the current status of his order to the tracking number of the freight forwarder.

ebootis ERPII Onlineshop Paket Tracking
ebootis ERPII Onlineshop flexible Template-Technologie

Highly Flexible Template Technology

Some separations make sense. Especially the separate handling of data and design is an advantage: this way customizations to your corporate design are possible at any time and you can design your shop search machine optimised and responsive.

You are also totally free with mapping your business logic in the online shop. Create several online shops for different target groups with one data base only that is fed from your e.bootis-ERPII system.

Linked Data

Utilize the integrated CRM and BI modules of the e.bootis-ERPII suite to gain some insights into optimising your online shop. Relevant data from the ERP-system as stock, expiry date or the identification of tops and flops can be the basis for targeted advertising campaigns and promotional activities.

Apart from that the linked ERP-system and online shop has the advantage that it can be documented on all channels which customer bought which product at what time in which variant. This way it is easy to sensitize him regarding modernisation or suitable supplementary products.

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