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SME sector becomes international with e.bootis-ERPII

Normal madness dealing with international medium sized companies: The customer’s name seems to consist of unreadable special characters only, the expected delivery got stuck in customs, and what is actually the current exchange rate for Dollars to assess the offer of the supplier? If this scenario sounds familiar to you, we can help. The e.bootis-ERPII Suite provides all requirements by standard to run international business as smoothly as if you would deal with a business partner in the neighbouring town.

Completely Unicode Supported

Sometimes people do have good ideas. The one, for instance, to encode the fonts of most of the world’s writing systems to one digital code-standard. This Unicode is the base of the e.bootis-ERPII Suite and makes sure that any font in business communication can be handled.

Not only all data from foreign-language business partners are being correctly displayed: For your expansion into foreign markets the e.bootis-ERPII suite is fully localisable. So your new Japanese sales representative can access your data base in his native language and can immediately start off.

ebootis ERPII International dank Unicode Schriftzeichen
ebootis ERPII Währungsunterstützung

You Decide in Which Currency You Want to Pay

There are currently about 160 official currencies in the world that are applicable in e.bootis-ERPII. Their conversion rates can be automatically retrieved via web service interface on a daily base. Parallel to your local currency it is possible to create offers or receipts in the customer’s foreign currency. Thus the manual conversion is omitted – great time saving!

Time Zone Management

Thanks to the strong networking via the internet there are no more opening hours. Different time zones of an international client structure can create some confusion with e.g. order acceptance. The e.bootis-ERPII suite avoids this problem by automatically adjusting the set dates or time to the local time zone.

ebootis ERPII Zeitzonenmanagement
ebootis ERPII Sendungsverfolgung Frachtcontainer

Consignment Tracking of Freight Containers

Knowing where the goods are! Get the current location and status of your container shipment directly from the order list or by tracking number at any time. That gives you additional planning reliability for your logistics and delivery date loyalty for your customers and for your own production, to name a few.


Customs Clearance

f you have dealt with deliveries to non-EU countries before you will have made some experiences with associated piles of forms and regulations. So it is with no surprise that the creation, modification and administration of customs forms are generally seen as a “bottle-neck problem” for the productivity of the business’ logistics.

With the fully integrated solution of our partner T-Soft the average processing time can be reduced by up to 80%. As an ATLAS certified company T-Soft allows the transfer of document dates from the e.bootis-ERPII suite and checks the completeness of shipment- and customs data. The automatic calculation of freight- or container volumes or total weight of single or bulk shipments, considering national regulations, is also possible. Additionally the goods are automatically checked if they are embargoed.

ebootis ERPII Zollabfertigung
Customisable Tax Matrix

Customisable Tax Matrix

To display the varying tax models of export countries the e.bootis-ERPII suite was equipped with a flexible tax matrix. It enables a customisable parameterisation of the tax calculation methods, adapted to the terms of the respective exporting nation.

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