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Seminars and Workshops for the e.bootis-ERPII solution from basic knowledge up to advanced applications.

Do not be satisfied with dangerous superficial knowledge …

… but instead receive useful information directly from the source. In our seminars and workshops we impart knowledge in e.bootis-ERPII Software that go beyond the introductory session and take up current topics. Thus we offer our seminars for customers that are productively using our solutions.

Depending on the seminar – for corresponding details please refer to the agenda – you are welcome to send us your preferred topics in advance that will be dealt with accordingly. It is our goal to expand our range of seminars continuously for all areas and to publish them here.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon to one of our in-house seminars.

An offer that you can’t refuse:

  • Seminars in groups of 3 to 10 people in our head office in Essen
  • Contents customized to the client’s requirements
  • Hot and cold beverages and lunch snack included
  • Fee: 295€ per day and participant plus GST

Learn more now – free of charge and obligation!

Basic Trainings

Training Contents:
  • Offers
  • Orders
  • Commissioning
  • Delivery Notes
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Sales Claims
  • Consignment
  • Shipments
Training Contents:
  • Enquiries
  • Purchase Orders
  • Provision Parts
  • Receipt of Goods
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Purchase Claims
  • Consignment
Training Contents:
  • Warehouse Management
  • Unplanned Additions or Disposals of Stock
  • Batches / Batch Tracking
  • Disposal strategies
  • Order Proposals (Configuration Options)
  • Configuration Options (chaotic storage)
Training Contents:
  • Inventory Types
  • Inventory Start
  • Stocktaking
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Close of Inventory
  • Configuration Options
Training Contents: Options with MDE in Practice
  • Receipt of Goods (Orders; Quality Assurance and Receipt of Goods)
  • Outgoing Goods (Commissioning and Creation of Delivery Slips and Invoices)
  • Stock Transfers
  • Various Information
Training Contents:
  • Customer Information
  • CRM-Business Partner
  • TAPI
  • Campaigns
  • Contact Lists
  • Leads
  • Serial Letters / Serial Emails
Training Contents:
  • Device Files
  • Service Orders / Quotes
  • Service Mission Planning
  • Storage Types for Field Service Employees
Training Contents:
  • Bill of Materials
  • Project Management and -Tracking
  • Batches
  • Work Plans
  • Manufacturing Tools
  • Capacity Calender
  • Product Configurator
Training Contents:
  • Production Orders
  • Scheduling
  • Commissioning
  • Pick Lists
  • Feedback (PDA)
  • Withdrawals or Receipts of Material

Administrator Training

Training Contents: Lists and Layout Design
  • Own Fields (Basics)
  • Data Monitoring (Basics)
  • Data Queries (Basics)
  • User Defined Actions (Basics)
  • User Defined Applications (Basics)
  • Scripts
Training Contents: Lists and Layout Design Similar contents as in Administrator-Training I with practical examples that are provided by you in advance. The implementation of the individual problem will be performed in the training.
  • Own Fields (practice cases)
  • Data Monitoring Services (practice cases)
  • Data Queries (practice cases)
  • User Defined Actions (practice cases)
  • User Defined Applications (practice cases)
  • Scripts
Training Contents:
  • Desktop Application per Business Sector (creation cockpit)
  • Data Monitoring Services (practice cases)
  • Allocating Rights
Training Contents:
  • Transaction Types (possibilities of parameterisation) for Procurement, Warehouse and Sales
  • Corresponding to above: Pricing, Text Modules, Rebates, Surcharges etc.
  • Masterdata
Training Contents:
  • Options of Ad-hoc Reporting (incl. data queries in own fields etc.) using real life examples
  • Integration of Reports (customer information, supplier information, article information)
  • Print Output (schema specification / interchange formats)
  • Report Work Lists
Training Contents:
  • BMEcat Import and Export of Various Data
  • BMEcat in Motion Processes
  • Allocation of Rights and Quality Control for Import of Mass Data
  • Importing in General


Workshop Contents:
  • Configuration and Setting Up EDI
  • Creation of Transformations
  • Commissioning
  • Delivery Notes
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Sales Claims
  • Consignment
  • Shipments

Catalogue- & Shop Systems

Workshop Contents:
  • Optimising of your own Homepage
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Optimising of Hit-Positioning
Workshop Contents:
  • Template Revision (Responsive Design)
  • App-Creation
Workshop Contents:
  • Developing of Classifications and Attributes
  • Article Master Maintenance and Options
  • Article Search in Shop
Workshop Contents:
  • Creating Catalogues
  • Flyer-Creation
Workshop Contents:
  • Creating BMEcat-Catalogues
  • eCl@ss
Workshop Contents:
  • Creating ETIM Catalogues
  • eCl@ss
Workshop Contents:
  • Import of Orders from external Systems
  • Export of Orders into external Systems

Learn now with ERP-Seminars and Workshops!

Please select the seminars and workshops that you want to know more about. We will contact you immediately.

Basic Trainings
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Administrator Training
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Communication with external Partners
Catalogue- & Shop System
Search Engine MarketingMobile CommerceContent ManagementCreating own Print MediaCatalogue StandardsETIMOCI-Interface
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