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Technological Basis

Most modern ERP-Software Technology provides businesses with long term investment security

The technological base is the engine of any ERP software. If not adjusted correctly, the whole company runs into problems. Therefore we made sure that the technological concept is developed on a basis that leads you in the daily race for sales figures, profits and market shares to victory.

Platform Independent and Future-Proof

The IT-infrastructure of a company is mostly only reluctantly replaced as costs are often incalculably shooting up. Likewise the on many years accumulated expertise of the IT department is then useless in one swoop. Wouldn’t it be great if you could update your ERP-software to the latest state of the art without having to do infrastructural changes?

Impossible? It is possible! The e.bootis-ERPII Suite is from server side completely platform independent. That means: No matter whatever server-database-combination you are using or preferring, our ERP-solution is running. Common examples are Windows with SQL server or with Oracle, Linux with Oracle, or IBMi with DB2.

e.bootis ERPII Dank moderner Java Technolgie für zukünftige Clients vorbereitet

Equipped Today for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Do you know how the ERP-handling of the future looks like? We don’t. But we don’t need to, as with the e.bootis-ERPII Suite the whole business logic is located on one server that is via XML webservice connected with the client. Be it voice control or Google Glass: Thanks to Java programming on the server the e.bootis-ERPII Suite is prepared for input methods in the future. For you that means a maximum freedom for the upcoming handling of your ERP-software.

Object Oriented Development Promotes Individual Adaption

Adaptions within the software are easy to realize, as elements and functions are developed just once and are to be reused as often as required. Those objects are fully integrated into the ERP-system and therefore usable in future versions without any adjustments.

  • Faster Software Adaption
  • One-time development – multiple usage of elements and functions
  • Objects fully integrated
  • Results in cost savings
e.bootis ERPII Offene Serverarchitektur ermöglicht Anbindung von Webservices

Open Server Architecture on SOA-basis

A good network and smooth communication ways pay off in business life. Due to its open architecture e.bootis-ERPII is highly compatible to existing, and even intercompany system landscapes. External systems can be linked per Soap / web services or via conventional data exchange. In doing so, the management and transformation of incoming and outgoing data streams is possible without a separate converter. Clear advantage: importing and exporting is performed faster and more cost effective!


We are Living the Single-Source-Philosophy:

What does that mean exactly? Each of our customers uses as a base the same e.bootis-ERPII installation. Adjustments to your individual business processes are performed by parameterisation within the software. Due to this procedure updates are happening much faster because there is no system downtime during a release change due to additional programming that has to be maintained. Your ERP-installation stays up-to-date and you are profiting also from all new developments without additional costs.

e.bootis ERPII Singe Source Code basiert
  • Add-ons are Transferred into Standard
  • Complete release- and maintainability
  • No more “backpack-programming”

Complete Releasability Despite Individual Add-Ons:

There is a business process that we can’t display in our standard? No problem! All customer specific functions are transferred into the standard. Thus a complete release- and maintainability is provided and there won’t be any reason for panicking because of confusing software architectures that cause complex updates.

Another advantage: Due to the collective participation principle all our customers are getting access to newly developed special features. Let your business take advantage of continuous optimisations of e.bootis-ERPII!

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