The Profit is in the Purchase

With numerous routine procedures the procurement department is a business unit with considerable saving potential. By streamlining of processes and optimising the speed substantial savings for your own business and competitive advantages due to pinpoint orders can be generated.

The Complete Savings Programme

With e.bootis-ERPII you are creating the best possible conditions for a cost saving procurement system. From requirement coverage requests, queries or orders for quantity and value contracts to incoming goods and invoice checking the permanent monitoring and control of all transactions is given.

In the operational area the buyer is supported by search functions, source administration and supplier evaluation and therefore can concentrate on cost effective procurement.

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Determination of Requirements

Determination of Requirements

Your purchasing department must know about your business’ requirements. So it comes handy that for the determination of requirements the required materials are marched centrally from all business divisions. The pegged requirements could be e.g. orders, contracts or service- or production orders.

The e.bootis-ERPII suite automatically determines the need and creates order proposals that can be manually checked before dispatch. Needless to say that all current disposition processes are optimal supported.

Because of the central administration the disposition and purchasing department do know at all times why an order has been ordered and for which pegged requirement. This creates complete transparency in one of the most important business sectors!

Supply Source Administration

Crucial for procurement: Knowing the market to be able to compare prices. The supply source administration gives you all details about where and when you purchased certain articles for which price. The main order criteria visible at a glance allow transparent comparisons and therefore faster decisions of the purchaser!

With this the system goes also beyond the suppliers that are already existing contacts. With web services you can query e.g. current prices and delivery times at interesting market places via online databases.

On top of it you can research in online shops and automatically create an order for the selected article via OCI (Open Catalogue Interface) in e.bootis-ERPII. This way your employees can create comprehensive orders in the ERP system that can be authorised by their supervisor thereafter.

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Query Management

Why hassle and gather all prices yourself? Create an inquiry once and send it to n-suppliers. The offers will be automatically evaluated for price and delivery time, so that you only need to select the preferred supplier to order.

Handy: Inquiries are stored and upon request automatically added as a new source of supply.


Now the essentials: Apart from the price intelligent ordering is crucial for subsequent profits. e.bootis-ERPII supports you with automatic proposals for minimum order quantities for e.g. frequently used or urgently required articles. Also the ordering of C-parts from key suppliers can be handled by our ERP-solution automatically.

Collective orders are generating with one click all orders for your regular suppliers from order processes. The subsequent automatic sending via EDI-interface simplifies the ordering process for both sides. Tedious collecting and selecting are tasks of the past!

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Complain Management

hort paths: Customer complaints can be easily transferred directly into supplier complaints. For this all transactions are clearly visible in the document chain so that the whole process is comprehensible.

Claims in any manner: From credit requests over replacements to repairs – all forms of complain management are applicable.

Supplier Evaluation

The personal relationship to the supplier is hugely important but can also be deceptive. The e.bootis-ERPII suite determines on base of feedbacks on incoming goods automatically a point value that makes the specific supplier comparable to his competitors. Factored features are e.g. price- and delivery time changes, wrong quantity or bad quality and number of claims.

Over time a comprehensive overview of the supplier quality is created that can be exported as an evaluation sheet from the ERP system. This serves on the one hand as documentation of the supplier relationship but can also be used as the basis for further negotiations in which the business partner is pointed to certain shortcomings in his performance.

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Supplier Invoices and Credit Processes

There comes the time when a supplier wants to get his money. To protect you from paying too much the internal audit monitors possible variances between invoices and incoming goods. In addition to this there is a status- and price correction and an automatic data transfer to financial accounting included in the standard system.

The highlight is the fully automatic auditing: scanned invoices or PDFs are read in by OCR and form recognition for further processing in e.bootis-ERPII.


  • Comprehensive pricing
  • Batch reservations / serial numbers
  • Individually configurable sales-sets
  • Document links in sales process
  • Availability checks / determination of delivery dates
  • Differentiated assignment of permissions for price reduction
  • Intrastat-statistics
  • Commission determination
  • Sales claims
  • Credit notes
  • Interested party management
  • Supply contracts, immediate bills
  • Setting margins
  • Pricing
  • Manufacturing costs calculation
  • Third-party orders / dropshipping
  • Maintenance contracts
  • DEL-notes
  • Supporting sales
  • Customs processing
  • Loaned goods
  • Blanket orders
  • Budget management /-check
  • Assortments
  • Consignments
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