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Multi-Client Capability & Intercompany Processes

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Real Client Capability With Inheritance Logic

Sometimes it helps to split up business sectors and analyse them on its own. In e.bootis ERPII you can set up any unit separately, from reporting entities over branches to profit centres, as a client.

Redundancy-free Data Management

The ingenious with the client system: Due to the inheritance logic all data from article up to business partners can be inherited to the subordinate client! This redundancy-free data management speeds up data maintenance, minimizes input errors and enables the creation of new clients within seconds.

A sample: Within the group customers are assigned to various clients. What happens when a customer is now changing to another client? Complicated data transfers are now tasks of the past as all customer data are stored on the group server. An easy change without loss of information will be performed. In the e.bootis-ERPII client system only the authorisations of the subordinated clients are changed.

ebootis ERPII redundanzfreie Datenhaltung mit mehreren Mandanten
ebootis ERPII Mandantensystem mit Überlagerung, Übersteuerung und Überlappung

Data Overwriting and Data Overlapping

But that’s not all: Assigned clients can either use the provided data or overwrite single fields, e.g. with an individually calculated product price. Also data can be maintained exclusively on client level by data overlapping, e.g. for separate product lines.

Intercompany Processes

The real quality of a flexible client system can be seen at intercompany processes between clients. If required all documents can be created electronically and archived automatically. That results in significant time saving for data input and you can react flexibly to structural changes and new requirements.

The whole intercompany logic is customisable to your business processes and is also centrally controlled so that changes can be easily incorporated.

All common intercompany processes are supported:

  • Classical trades
  • Orders including provided goods
  • Orders from production processes
  • All modifications to that and individual processes
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