Materials Management

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Perfect logistics with optimized costs is a fundamental requirement of economic performance. But only the effectively meshing of all processes ensures an efficient material management.

Multimedia Article Master Replaces PIM System

In article master all basic information for sales, procurement and production is defined. Here you determine for instance how an article is handled in your company: define units in which the article is traded, or if there is a batch- or serial number. And if default values are not enough, you can assign as many further characteristics to the article as you wish.

No separate PIM-system is needed as all multimedia data are set up in the article master. Just assign pictures, manuals and much more to the article without limitations for length or quantity.

ERP Software Multimedialer Artikelstamm
ERP Software Stücklisten

Bill of Materials (BOM)

The e.bootis-ERPII suite supports all common BOM categories as there are spare part-, production- or calculation BOM, or BOM for construction or sales sets.

With the component-usage feature you can easily find identical components in all BOM. The component exchange enables the global exchange of components, either directly or at a validity date while the history is maintained. The explosion of the BOM takes place in sales (sets), procurement (orders), disposition (multilevel assessment of demand) and production (production orders).

Warehouse Management

In e.bootis-ERPII warehousing structures are randomly presentable, that means unlimited storage locations in unrestricted level depth. These can be mapped to clients specifically or overlapping. Even with your storage system you are completely free: “chaotic order” or static fixed storage – e.bootis-ERPII is matching your needs.

The customizable storage types control the specifics of different warehouse requirements as e.g. consignment storage, customs storage or provided parts storage. The numerous assessment options for your current assets as well as the implemented withdrawal strategy e.g. LiFo (last in first out) and FiFo (first in first out) or FeFo (First expired first out) are displayable to your requirements.

Intelligent stock management with e.bootis-ERPII: Smallest quantities of articles are considered primarily for consignment so that stock areas can be quickly refilled again.

ebootis erp lagerverwaltung
ERP Software mobile Lagerverwaltung

Mobile Stock Management

All logistics processes, from incoming or outgoing goods up to stocktaking, are supported by mobile data recording. Thereby the mobile devices communicate directly with e.bootis-ERPII without using any external software.

The advantages are quite obvious: There is a significant error minimisation due to no more manual data entry. Furthermore the processing speed increases considerably as with paperless entries there is no more need to print any receipts.

Incoming Goods

Particularly in the international market environment the two-stage goods receipt is of high importance. Subsequent departments are informed about the arrival of goods even before the delivery is released for picking. This way internal planning can be continued even during ongoing quality control.

ebootis-ERP Wareneingang
ERP Software Tourenplanung

Outgoing Goods

It is up to your business processes if goods to be shipped are determined by individual commissioning or collective picking or if delivery notes are created directly.

Al transactions – from selecting the service provider or freight forwarder up to your own route planning – e.bootis-ERPII supports you highly flexible.

Forecasting Procedures

Especially for consumption based products there are different forecasting procedures that automatically identify the suitable algorithms for an ideal assessment of requirements. Up to ten forecast scenarios are available to you.

If the market environment (and therefore the likelihood of a scenario) changes, the e.bootis-ERPII suite automatically switches to the matching forecast. At the same time it is always traceable for disposition which scenario led to which order.

ERP Prognosemodelle
ebootis ERP absatzplanung

Sales Planning

In sales planning you are scheduling demand-driven products / product groups over a number of timelines. Seasonal variations are automatically incorporated.

The integrated simulation mode serves as a guide. Only when the simulation of the sales planning is done satisfactorily it will be transferred to disposition. You can decide yourself when the sales plan will be set to “active mode”.


In disposition all requirements from sales plan to forecasting procedures come together as order proposals. Depending on your business’ organisational structure dispatchers or purchasers can combine those, considering all suppliers and article specific features, to individual or collective orders. By graphical representation and comprehensive information e.bootis-ERPII supports you perfectly!

ERP Software Dispositionsplanung
ERP Software Inventur


Select between permanent or annual inventory to keep control over your stock on base of the different valuation methods.


  • All article information is managed in one place
  • Sophisticated sales planning including seasonal fluctuation possible
  • Various order volume models
  • Consumption- and demand-based disposition
  • Freely definable disposition lists
  • Different valuation options for manual postings
  • Mobile data entry without external software
  • Batch tracing
  • Various BOM types e.g. spare part-, production-, calculation-, construction BOM or sales sets, etc.
  • BOM versions with modification index
  • Identical parts management and parts exchange
  • Various storage types per stock area
  • Various inventory policies and picking strategies
  • Unplanned receipts and withdrawals
  • Client specific or client overlapping storage
  • Storage types as e.g. goods receipt storage, quarantine stock, consignment stock, etc. with corresponding functionality
  • Batch- and serial number management
  • Automatic withdrawals with various picking strategies (FiFo, LiFo, FeFo …)
  • Parallel management of stock in two non-linear units (e.g. spool and meter)
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