Integrated PIM-System

Article Management with Integrated PIM (Product Information Management)-System

Would you like some more? The e.bootis-ERPII suite combines an extensive merchandise management with a fully integrated, self-developed PIM-system. The advantage is obvious: The maintenance of article data at one central point. Apart from the minimizing of errors updated items are immediately available in the whole system. Redundant data are issues of the past!

Multi Media? No Problem!

Be it tables of sizes in Excel or product descriptions in PDF-format, videos and audio files or “simple” product images: all common multimedia formats can be directly mapped to an article per drag & drop. The PIM-system performs the further processing, as e.g. the automatic generating of all required image formats for the different output channels. Once uploaded it is available everywhere.

ebootis ERPII PIM Automatische Bildgrößengenerierung

Easy Handling of Multilingual Catalogue Data

Thanks to the support of Unicode the import and export of multilingual article data from (electronical) catalogues is possible without any hassle. Without previous knowledge in programming your staff is able to maintain the product range independently and react on customer enquiries.

ebootis ERP Mehrsprachige Kataloge
ebootis ERP Import von Multimedialen Daten mitvorgelagerter Datenbank

Import Including Multimedia Data

Electronic supplier catalogues of various formats (e.g. BMEcat, PRICAT, Excel, etc.) are loaded into an upstream data base and are therefore available without any direct influence on the master database of the ERP-system. From the e.bootis-ERPII suite staff has access to upstream catalogues and can add (multi media) data directly to quotes or orders by automatic master data transfer.

Individual Catalogue Export

You are completely free in designing your electronic catalogues so that type and extent are specifically tailored to your business partners and market places. A varied pricing is as possible as different languages or ranges. e.bootis-ERPII supports you with the option to send updated catalogues automatically.

The classification of data can be done in random or standardised formats. Common classification standards as eCl@ss, PBSeasy or ETIM are naturally supported without any external converter.

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