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You know your business we know our product. To enable you to make the optimal use of your company resources and to give you the targeted control of all corporate processes, e.bootis ERPII was designed as customisable standard software. Do benefit from this advantage now!


More than 30 years of experience with ERP software development make us a strong partner for your enterprise.


Mapping today’s requirements easily and being optimally prepared for upcoming challenges.


Whether wholesale, industry or service: e.bootis-ERPII adapts flexibly to your requirements – not vice versa.

Customer Feedback

Particularly positive we felt about the fact that with this software we are able to meet new challenges at any time and therefore are in the position to perform the exchange of drawings, certificates and plenty of product specific features with our customers or suppliers in the offering process. As we are not supplying 'C' items but being a contract manufacturer the quotation processing and –tracking is the business-critical operation.
Birgit Wiesehahn-Haas
In the past more than twenty employees have ordered separately for customers that were assigned to them by their initial letters. Today we are able to bundle our orders system-based. That improved our purchasing position significantly and increased efficiency massively for both: our warehouse and our ordering processes.
Holger Waloschik
Head of IT / Roth GmbH & Co. KG
Thanks to e.bootis-ERPII we could reduce time and effort for order creation by 90%. During my professional career I already took part in three system changes. This one was the smoothest of all.
Thorsten Kott

E.bootis-ERPII at a glance

There are many points speaking for our software. Find a selection here:

30 years of experience

Since more than 30 years we are supporting medium sized businesses to conquer daily challenges.

No Legacy System

As one of the most available up-to-date software architectures JAVA is the base of the newly developed ebootis-ERPII Suite.

Platform independent

Platform independence means a quick implementation of the software into existing corporate structures.

Individual support

To achieve the best possible result the personal contact with our customers is very important for us.


Thanks to multicurrency capability and UTF-8 programming the international use is possible without any problems.

Mobile Ready

Info exactly where you need them: Even on the go with e.bootis-ERPII, thanks to Mobile Apps.

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